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Natural Data

     The area is a cultural landscape. In depressed areas, agrocenoses dominate with a relatively high proportion of meadows. Large interlinked forests have also been preserved here to increase the ecological stability of the area. The forests took more than one third of the area. In addition to forest stands, there are many hedgerows, ridges and minor scattered greenery.
   With the low proportion of industry, it can be stated that the introduction of intensive agricultural production had the decisive influence on environment deterioration. The unbearably high percentage of arable land, the senseless consolidation of land and the liquidation of ridges and the greenery growing on them are the causes of water erosion and soil downwash. Soil degradation, eutrophication of water courses and ruderal communities in flood plains occur. In spite of all these negative effects the landscape is harmonic, with quite high diversity of species and occurrence of many endangered species of plants and animals.
    Kamenice nad Lipou still keeps favourable climatic conditions and clean air that was, based on the research carried out by Dr. Mrkos back in the 1930s, compared to that of the "Tatra Mountains".
Specially protected localities:
  • Locality Stržená hráz, cadastral area Mnich - forest alluvial plain at 600 metres above sea level
Memorial trees:
  • Memorable lime tree - the chateau park in Kamenice nad Lipou (Tilia cordata), assumed to be 700-900 years old)
  • Alley at Heřmaň - 130 lime trees (Tilia cordata), landscape dominant
  • Oak tree in Bohdalín - at house No. 45 in Bohdalín (Quercus robur), a prospective tree of mighty growth
  • Vlkosovice lime tree - cadastral area Vlkosovice (Tilia platyphyla), the tree excels in proportions, the trunk circumference being 590 cm
  • Chateau lime tree - Černovice chateau courtyard (Tilia cordata), a prospective tree excelling in proportions
Endangered flora and fauna species:
  • Flora:
    Round-leaved sundew (h)
    Spring snowflake
    Mountain snowbell
    Bog arum
    Marsh lousewort (h)
  • Fauna:
    Brook lamprey (c)
    European adder (c)
    Alpine newt (h), smooth newt (h)
    Slow-worm (h)
    Pygmy owl (h)
    Eagle owl
    Brook minnow
    River otter (h)

    (c) – critically endangered
    (h) – highly endangered