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Community Centre

    The community centre in Kamenice nad Lipou was built and opened on 5 May 1963. It is situated near the bus station just on the line between the new and old housing development areas of the town, next to the sports ground of the Sokol movement. The Municipal Cultural Centre that also provided methodical assistance in culture to the adjacent villages had its seat in the community centre from 1979. In 1993, the town museum, the town library and the cinema were put under its administration and an organization named Administration of the Cultural Facilities of the Town of Kamenice nad Lipou was established. The Pravíkov library was put under its administration in 2002.
   The community centre building is sectioned into four parts. The front part has one storey where there is an administration office and two clubrooms. The ground floor provides access to the community centre and consists of an entrance vestibule, the main vestibule, a cloakroom, a box office, and lavatories. A small tobacconist's shop is located in the entrance vestibule. The central part comprises the main hall of the community centre including a balcony, a stage and a scene-dock. The main hall has 400 seats. The auditorium is mobile, so that it can be adapted for tiered benches for watching theatre performances and for tables on a level floor. A ground building with a restaurant is connected to the central part on the right. The restaurant is operated under a lease, but is fully available for events organized in the community centre. A similar building is connected on the left, housing a small hall with 100 seats. A flat serving formerly to the centre keeper is situated in this section. The flat is now included within the residential capacities of the town. The basement under the whole community centre includes an orchestra pit, six dressing rooms for performers, lavatories, a maintenance shop and a boiler room, which is already out of operation today.
   Since its opening, the community centre has always served the public of Kamenice and the neighbouring villages as a cultural agency. Concerts, theatre performances, variety and entertaining events, as well as educational events such as lectures, discussions and various courses are organized here. These are not only visiting events but also performances of local amateur ensembles that have their base in the community centre. After the Lípa Hotel was closed, the community centre started organizing balls and dancing parties. Discos were also organized here in the last years, however to a limited extent only.
   The rooms of the community centre are also leased to various organizations, enterprises and entrepreneurs to organize their balls, general meetings, celebrations, training courses and selling events here.
Manager: Kůrková Alena

Working hours: Monday - Friday 7:00 - 15:30

Telefon: 565 432 512

Fax: 565 432 143