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Infrastructure Service networks

    Kamenice nad Lipou is supplied with drinking water from the Pravíkov forests. The quality of this water is so high that it does not require any chlorine or other treatment and is routed through a water main directly for consumption. The construction of the water main started in the 1950s and was distributed over the whole town gradually. All housing units and family houses are connected to the main today.
   The sewer network was constructed in the same period and collected in a waste water treatment plant.
   The overall electrification of the town is a matter of course. Alternative electrical energy sources are two privately owned turbines of which one supplies the owner and the other supplies generated energy to the public network.
   Gas network distribution started in 1991 and was implemented in phases over the whole town. Today, most housing units and family houses can be connected to the public gas main.
    The town has finished reconstruction of the telephone network including a digital exchange. Almost all requests of people for telephone line installation are satisfied. The signal levels of mobile operators Paegas, Eurotel and Oskar are good in the town and its districts. All local TV channels - ČT 1, ČT 2, Nova and Prima - can be received, only the Prima signal being poorer in some localities.

    Bus transport in regular lines is provided by ICOM Transport Jihlava. The private transport contractor František Kolář from Gabrielka operates two lines, namely Nová Včelnice, Kamenice, Pelhřimov, Humpolec, Prague and Kamenice, Pelhřimov, Vlašim, Benešov, Prague.
   Railway transport is ensured by private contractor JHMD a.s. represented by ing. Šatlava. In addition to common passenger and freight transport, the firm also operates regular sight-seeing tours with the historical steam train.

Retail trade and services
    Retail facilities are predominantly concentrated in the town's centre, including a number of shops offering virtually all varieties of products, from food - two greater food shopping centres and several smaller shops including confectionery - through electrical products, household white goods, home accessories, chemist's, stationer's shop, glass, ceramics and porcelain, jewellery, watchmaker's shop, shoe shop, up to ironmongery, bicycle shop, motor vehicle parts shop and other consumer's goods, all in private hands except the shopping centres of the consumers' association Jednota. As the association has its seat in Kamenice, it also runs several shops here, namely on the town square, at the housing estate behind the community centre, at the railway station, and at the bus station. A new Penny market was built in the business zone at the outskirts of the town.
    Boarding services are well developed in the town. There are two canteens (SD Jednota and the Vocational School of Agriculture), 5 restaurants open all year and 1 restaurant open in the holiday season, 2 beer pubs and 2 gaming rooms. Kamenice has a new confectionery offering pleasant atmosphere and service.

    Accommodation services are provided by 5 facilities, of which 3 are open all year round and 2 on summer holidays. They are especially hotels and restaurants with accommodation capacities. The Vocational School of Agriculture also offers its accommodation capacities in students' halls of residence on summer holidays.

Schools Kamenice nad Lipou has the following schools:
  • Nursery school with special classes - for physically and mentally handicapped children
  • Primary school, currently attended by 567 pupils (of which 129 commute from the nearby villages)
  • Vocational School of Agriculture , teaching students in the following subjects: mechanic-repairer of road motor vehicles; farmer; repairer of agricultural machinery; and services, and in the following subjects in study for secondary school leaving examination: entrepreneurship in agricultural and forestry management; entrepreneurship in trade and services
  • zPrimary School of Art with two departments - musical with 280 pupils and graphic art with 21 pupils
  • Primary school – in four classes for 2nd to 9th grades the school has 39 pupils and one after-school care centre for 29 pupils - also for Počátky, Ústrašín and Nová Včelnice

  • Medical and social care
        The medical services of the town are distributed into several buildings within the town. The outpatient's department at Masarykova Str. concentrates most district physicians and specialists who are based in nearby Pelhřimov and visit this department regularly. A private dentist has his dental surgery here. Other rooms of medical specialists (ophthalmologist and surgeon) are at the town square above the pharmacy and one private dental surgery offering emergency services is located at the railway station. Rooms for emergency are being prepared in Kamenice in the Fire Brigade building.
         A children's home for children from six months to five years of age for the Vysočina and South-Bohemian Regions is located in Kamenice nad Lipou. At present, there are 45 children placed in the home by the rule of court under preliminary decision or adjudication, or voluntarily by parents not being able to take care of their children temporarily.
         The town also has a community care service in place for older people who already are not able to do some works in their homes themselves (shopping, cleaning, washing, cooking, etc.).