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Town Library

    The town library of Kamenice is a universal library providing the wide public with various services such as lending from its book collections and providing information and inter-library services. At present, its collections contain 30035 books offered predominantly for free selection. The library organization is divided into a department for adult readers and a department for children. The library departments are located in different parts of the town, namely the adult department near the bus station, the building entrance being opposite the nursery school. The children department is located within the primary school premises, the entrance being from Pelhřimovská Str. towards the school canteen.
   In the last years, the interest in the information services still increases, as does the number of readers and library visitors, as well as the number of borrowings. In 2007, the library had 757 readers, 17892 visitors and 51712 borrowings of books and periodicals.

Library address: SKZM Kamenice nad Lipou

Městská knihovna
Vít. Nováka 764
Kamenice nad Lipou
394 70


    The first mention of the library was found in the Chronicle of the Town and it was from the year 1930. Until 1951, the chronicles provided fragmentary reports only. From 1951, the library's function was the one of a District Public Library and consisted of two departments - the National Completion Library and the District Public Library. In 1958, the library was awarded a certificate of merit. In that period, the library was located in the rooms of the Town Museum and had two departments. In 1972, it was moved to the present location near the bus station. At first, both departments were located here, but the children's department was relocated for the lack of space to the house of Ms. Chýnová at Masarykova Str. and in 1992 to the primary school premises.


Head of the Library - Mgr. Hana Senderáková

Tel.: +420 565 434 557


Adults Department - Mgr. Hana Senderáková, Jaroslava Tesařová

Tel.: +420 565 434 557


Children's Department - Marie Budilová

Tel.: +420 565 434 615