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     Many mentions can be found in the town's chronicles of the brewing trade in Kamenice nad Lipou from time immemorial. For instance, a dispute concerning beer had to be resolved in 1520 by burgomaster Jaroš between neighbours Padroň and Vacek. Henry of Stráž issued a permit in 1460 for every citizen of Kamenice to make a half brew every year. But of course, we do not know how this was practiced. After the Battle of the White Mountain, the citizens of Kamenice lost all their rights they had used in the period from 1460 to 1622. In 1694, they demanded restoration of the former rights, of which brewing was in the first place. But Jan Isaiah of Hartig refused to allow citizens to brew, so beer could only be brewed by the nobility. Originally, the large estate only had a small brewery. In 1841, Johan Linek, brother of the mother of Bedřich Smetana, leased this brewery during his visit to Kamenice for about ten days. In 1860, the large estate started reconstructing the mill and the brewery and the first brew was made on 8 February 1861, i.e. 140 years ago. A brew of twenty barrels was made by Antonín Křesťan, the newly employed brewer and the former leaseholder of the brewery in Božejov. It's only too bad that the brewery was closed during the last regime; after all, the beer of Kamenice had always been of good quality. The last owner was R. Geymüller.