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    The town's cinema is operated by the Administration of Cultural Facilities of the Town of Kamenice nad Lipou that manages the building and the equipment, checks and funds its activities.
   The cinema building is located in the upper part of the town square, in the neighbourhood of the chateau, of which it was part before being adapted for the cinema. The building exterior was preserved, while the interior was reconstructed for the purpose. The cinema hall is designed sensitively and puristically. Especially the ceiling and the wooden wall panelling make an interior that is not product of the time of reconstruction, i.e. the 1950s. The spacious vestibule rises with a wide staircase to the auditorium with a wide projection screen. 305 upholstered seats in 21 rows on a terraced floor create ideal conditions for the spectators in watching motion pictures. A small stage is used by ensembles for live performances.
   Cinema dramaturgy will be important for cinema visitors who come to watch motion pictures. The cinema management especially follows from the needs of a small town where films in a majority of cases compensate for the absence of culture. In addition of the common repertoire of distributed film titles, the management also follows its own line of art, such as the offer of companies Artcam and CinemaArt. They offer films of non-American and art production. One or two titles ended with a discussion to the film are in the programme at least once in a month. The cinema management follows from the 13-year past experience of the local cinema club.
    At present, the performance days are limited to Wednesdays and Saturdays throughout the year.