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The Lords of Kamenice

  • 1269-1285 Dobeš of Bechyně (nephew of a bishop, later a marshal of the Kingdom of Bohemia)
  • 1285-1312 Čeněk of Bechyně (brother of Dobeš)
  • 1312-1359 Dobeš of Bechyně (son of Dobeš, the marshal)
  • 1359-1362 Henry of Kamenice (son of Dobeš) - the first and the last family that titled itself "of Kamenice"
  • 1362-1368 Čeněk of Kamenice (son of Henry)
  • 1368-1372 Anna, his widow (guardian of Zbyněk, their son)
  • 1372-1389 Zbyněk of Kamenice (their son - the family died out)
  • 1389-1390 Jost of Luxembourg (Margrave of Moravia)
  • 1390-1391 Prokop (brother of Jost)
  • 1391-1392 Kamarét of Žirovnice (during the dispute for escheat)
  • 1391-1397 Jan of Ústí and Vchyna of Pacov (Andrew of Dubé with a share of 1,000 five-dozens)
  • 1397-1414 Jan of Ústí (after paying out both co-owners)
  • 1414-1417 Anna of Mochov (his widow)
  • 1417-1422 Jan Junior and Prokop of Ústí (their sons)
  • 1423-1426 Bonuše of Ústí (cousin of both)
  • 1425-1452 Jan Junior of Ústí (Prokop's brother; the family died out)
  • 1452-1466 Henry of Stráž (nad Nežárkou), nephew of Jan Junior of Ústí - inheritance
  • 1466-1476 Jiřík of Stráž (the family died out on the spear side)
  • 1476-1497 Jan of Šelmberk (spouse of Johanka of Stráž)
  • 1497-1510 Vlachyně of Leskovec (relative to the previous)
  • 1510-1545 Jan of Leskovec (acquired Kamenice by court order)
  • 1545-1547 Magdalena of Lípa and her son Jan Zajímač (the widow Jan of Leskovec)
  • 1547-1549 Dorota of Leskovec (Jan's daughter from his first marriage)
  • 1549-1570 Zdeněk Malovec of Malovice and Chýnov (demesne divided into two parts)
  • 1570-1598 Jan Malovec (son of Zdeněk)
  • 1598-1604 Michal Malovec (Jan's son + guardians: Štěpán of Sternberk, Václav Malovec of Chýnov, Kaplíř of Sulevice, Španovský of Lisov, Ostrovec of Kralovice)
  • 1604-1606 Michal Malovec (after coming of age)
  • 1606-1609 Anna Magdalena Malovcová (Michal's sister + guardian: Španovský of Lisov)
  • 1609-1610 Anna Magdalena Malovcová (after coming of age)
  • 1610-1623 Zikmund Matěj Vencelík of Vrchoviště (Magdalena's husband, commissioner of the Bechyně region)
  • 1623-1638 Jacob Henry Paradis of Eschaide (Spanish officer purchased the Kamenice demesne confiscated after the Battle of White Mountain)
  • 1639-1654 Bartholomew Paradis de La Saga (his relative)
  • 1654-1672 Hypolita of Lodron (the widow Bartholomew)
  • 1672-1692 Anthony Martin Paradis (their son)
  • 1692-1708 Jan Isaiah Hartig (purchased the demesne)
  • 1708-1711 Anna Catherine of Valderode (the widow Jan Isaiah)
  • 1711-1740 Jan Hubert Hartig (their son)
  • 1740-1769 Mary Theresa of Hartig (Jan Hubert's daughter married to Goltz)
  • 1769-1789 Mary Anna of Goltz (Mary Theresa's daughter married to Vratislav of Mitrovice)
  • 1789-1793 Vratislav of Mitrovice (her husband)
  • 1794-1797 Gabriela of Mitrovice (their daughter married to Ubelli of Siegburg)
  • 1797-1799 Ubelli of Siegburg (Gabriela's husband)
  • 1800-1805 Jan Nádherný (erroneously quoted as baron - his family were noblemen as late as from the end of the 19th century!!)
  • 1805-1806 Franz of Sickingen (Count)
  • 1806-1811 Jan Josef Rilke (an ancestor of the poet Rilke)
  • 1811-1812 Leopold Förster (the chateau owned by Barbara Lämel)
  • 1812-1813 Eugen Vratislav of Mitrovice
  • 1813-1816 Eugen Voračický of Paběnice
  • 1816-1821 Eugen Vratislav of Mitrovice
  • 1821-1824 Dorota Rey (née Berteuil, Countess)
  • 1824-1825 Louis, knight of Pöschier
  • 1826-1828 Karel Rey (Count - insolvency and sale)
  • 1828-1831 Banking institute Friese & partners, Vienna
  • 1831-1835 Jan Henry Geymüller (baron, shareholder of the previous owner)
  • 1835-1896 Jacob Rudolf Geymüller (son of Jan Henry)
  • 1896-1923 Rudolf (Friedrich?) Geymüller (son of Jacob Rudolf)
  • 1923-1945 Richard Geymüller (Rudolf's son)
  • 1945 Second confiscation of the Kamenice chateau (the first was in 1623)
  • 1945-1998 Children's sanatorium
  • 1993 Application for restitution (ing. Rudolf Geymüller, baron - born 1945, Richard's son)
  • 1998 Chateau sold to the Arts and Crafts Museum in Prague (after reconstruction, expositions of smith craft, furniture and glass will be located here; the southern wing also houses the Museum of National History and Geography of the Town of Kamenice nad Lipou).